Friday, November 17, 2006

How The Parties Challenging Views May Hurt Them

Now, the Democrats have their chance to shine since they won the House and Senate and as most have seen, the snowball has started to roll down the hill, heading towards the presidential elections. While many have been speculating as to why the Democrats won, that is not as important as what has been going on in their own party for the last couple of years. If they hope to ride the snowball to victory, Democrats themselves need to take a hard look at their own party if they hope to gain the highest office in the land.

Lately, like an alcoholic in his first AA meeting, many die-hard Democratic supporters have started to admit that their party has no control or focus, with many party leaders scattered on the issues. Either elected members are ultra, left-winged liberals or others are moderates with some actual conservative views on issues that normally separate the two parties. Now those same issues have placed a wedge within the Democratic Party itself.

Many blame the baby boomers during the 1960s, as they "took over" the Democratic Party with their views, most notably, against the Vietnam War. As the years went by, more and more of those views started to shape the party as more baby boomers took office. Bill O'Reilly, FOX News commentator, calls these beliefs "San Francisco values," because of their liberal tone.

But on the right side of the Democratic Party, you have people like Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey Jr., who is against many traditional views that his party supports. He is for overturning Roe v. Wade and against embryonic stem cell research. Sen. Casey endorses not having a deadline and timetable for the Iraq war; all major issues that his most of his colleagues have opposite views on. Democratic member Dennis Kucinich of the United States House of Representatives comes to mind and helps illustrate the vast differences in ideologies within the party.

For a party that prides itself on diversity and acceptance, the average voter realizes this will hurt the party’s chances for the White House in 2008. And even the party leaders must realize it. If the Democrats hope to win, they need to seize control of their far left and right members and start setting a game plan that everyone can follow. Even though the Republicans lost this past election, they are still in control of their own party and have a good support base. Sadly, the same cannot be said about the Democrats.

However, the Republicans might fall into the same chaotic place that the Democrats have found themselves in. It is a little hard to notice that in recent years, many hardcore, Christian right views are trying to gain control of the Republican Party. Most likely, many new members are trying to counter the growing liberal views of the Democratic Party.

Of course, the Republicans are all for it, because it will help them in elections and it's not too far off to the party's principles. This being said, this may bite them in the end as many Democrats and their supporters are now finding out. Whatever good intentions it might be in the beginning, the type of beliefs that many of the far right endorse may split the GOP years from now on the issues. If the Republicans are wise, they will notice what ultra views have done to their competitor's party.