Sunday, December 31, 2006

As He Is Laid To Rest

As former President Gerald Rudolph Ford is being laid to rest, The Times Observer wishes to pay respect to the 38th president of these United States.

It is not the practice of this editor to criticize a recently deceased person for their particular past actions. Many do but The Times Observer believes in paying respects to a noble leader and belittling such a person before they are not even cold in the ground is an extremely disrespectful thing to do.

The president of the United States is one of the most thankless jobs anyone can have. Many seek it but former President Ford was the only man who had the most responsible job thrusted upon him. With the power that comes with such a position, former President Ford made many accomplishments and in many respects, made some bad choices. After all, he is just a man.

But The Times Observer would like to believe that his term in office, as well as outside the White House, Gerald Rudolph Ford helped make this a better country to live in. Rest in peace, Mr. President.