Friday, August 24, 2007

Democrats Committing
Political Suicide

What a week it’s been for Democrats shooting themselves in the foot. First a presidential candidate said the Democrats can’t handle a terror attack as well as Republicans, then there is a New Jersey mayor who does not want his police to report illegal aliens charged with crimes to the Feds. And this is after an illegal immigrant is charged with murdering three college students!

Yesterday, Sen. Hillary Clinton told supporters during a presidential campaign stop in New Hampshire that if there was a terror attack between now and Election Day in 2008, the Republicans would win the White House.

She did add that she was the “Democratic candidate best equipped to deal with (a terror attack),” reported The New York Post.

Great job, Hillary. What a great way to remind independent and party voters that the Democrats have always been viewed as weak on terrorism. Not only did you hurt yourself but you just hurt your party’s senators and congressmen/women who are running for election.

It’s not surprising that the presidential candidates are back stabbing each other, but it is shocking when they start sabotaging the chances of their colleagues.

Clinton just showed how shallow of a person she is by caring more about her chances of winning the election than people’s lives if there was a terrorism attack.

And that’s three strikes against her, and that was only in one speech!

And then we have Newark, N.J., Mayor Cory Booker and his deep commitment to illegal immigrant but not for the citizens of his city.

As many will know, Newark made national headlines earlier this month when three college students were murdered in execution-style shootings, with one was injured. One of the murder suspects, Jose Carranza, is an illegal immigrant.

Federal authorities were never informed that Carranza, from Peru, was charged with child rape and aggravated assault before he was arrested for the murders.

That is why Republican Presidential candidate Tom Tancredo said earlier this week that the murder victims’ families should sue Newark because the city does not demand that police officers check the legal immigration status of criminal suspects. And the Democratic mayor of the city had this to say.

“Local law-enforcement officials should not be going out asking, inquiring and investigating whether people are documented or undocumented,” Booker said in an Associated Press interview.

So, Booker does not want police officers to do their jobs, which is to serve and protect the people of Newark? If Newark police told federal authorities that Carranza was charged for child rape and assault, then he might have been deported or at the very least, locked up and not made bail like he did.

But no, Booker is playing politics with illegal immigrants and it might have cost the lives of three college students. How he can sleep at night is amazing. It would be even more amazing if he has a political career after all of this.

Because essentially he just said he does not care about legal Newark citizens by not requiring police to investigate a suspect if he or she is an illegal alien, thus placing many innocent lives in danger. That’s more than shallow, that’s downright wicked and immoral.

Democrats don’t have to worry about losing to Republicans in 2008; they’re doing a good job of defeating themselves!