Friday, January 04, 2008

Why Hillary Lost To Obama

There are a lot of reasons and speculations as to why Senator Hillary Clinton lost the Iowa caucus to Barack Obama last night. It could be that many Iowa voters remembered her attacks on the Illinois senator or her alleged planned sneak-attack about how he went to a Muslim school while he was a child in Indonesia. Maybe the voters just remembered that Hillary’s people wanted her supporters to ask staged questions to the New York senator.

Or maybe even though for a long time she was leading in the polls during most of the campaign, the real reason why Sen. Hillary Clinton lost was because she lacks the one thing that her husband and former American president still has: Charisma.

Yes, charisma. It’s the one thing that served Bill Clinton well during his political career, especially during the Monica Lewinsky scandal. Even during the height of the scandal and when he was being impeached, public opinion polls were still pretty much in his favor.

Hillary is a strong woman and that has many Democrats and Republicans either calling her an empowered leader or a cold-hearted witch. And these are just the average citizens saying this. And her frostiness does show.

In her first video when announcing she was going to run for president, she said she wanted to have a “chat” with the American people. However, she didn’t come off as a friend down the street but just a slick politician who wanted to use soft words and phrases to ease voters into a false sense of security.

Sadly for her, people saw right through that. No matter how many times she may smile and say things like “so let the conversation begin,” that insincerity still shows on her face and that is something that can’t be hidden. Hillary Clinton simply does not have her husband’s Southern Charm and it’s blatantly apparent.

While Bill Clinton was seen as a man of the people, Hillary Clinton is seen as just another smooth politician who is out to get as many votes as possible. He can connect with them at a level that Hillary simply cannot. Obama does have the old Bill Clinton charm and he worked it well in his efforts to win the Iowa caucus.

Maybe it’s time for the New York senator to take a page from her husband’s old playbook. The race for the White House is still a long way off but it’s never too late to improve your image, especially with the New Hampshire primary just days away.