Monday, May 19, 2008

It’s Vacation Time!

Hello faithful readers. It’s that time of year again when yours truly will be going away on vacation.

Just like in years past, I’m going to visit my wife’s parents in Japan. It’s always nice and quiet in Tokyo and always something to do. It would be nice to get away for awhile from the madness of work.

But trying to take a vacation away from The Times Observer might not be too easy for me. I won’t be updating my blog with columns or editorials while I’m gone.

Although, since I’m a news junkie and while fighting jetlag at 3 in the morning, I might just post something on here. After all, it’s a 13-hour flight to Japan and a 13-hour time difference for me, since I have to be doing something during the middle of the night while everyone else is sleeping.

So, don’t expect too much around here from this Wednesday, May 21, until the second week of June. But don’t be surprised if during a sleepless night I publish something on here.

If anyone needs to reach me, please feel free to e-mail me at: