Saturday, January 20, 2007

It’s Official: It’s Going To Be A Wild Ride Now That Hillary’s Here

OK, no one is really that surprised that Sen. Hillary Clinton has made a bid to run for the White House. Even people who are not interested in politics and haven’t been watching her over these past couple of years probably figured that out.

It seems likely that her plans for the White House started by going on national television and saying that she will stand by her husband, then President Bill Clinton, during the whole Monica Lewinsky scandal. Because she knew that her first steps to the presidency is staying on the Bill Clinton Gravy Train. Even though he was caught in an affair, his public approval rating was still pretty good and there was public sympathy for him.

Hillary rode that train to become a Democratic senator in New York, only after she and her husband bought a home in Long Island. And the past few years she picked and chose her political positions like a crafty master mind.

During the build up of the Iraq war a few years ago, she wrote a guest editorial in a British newspaper, saying why she was going to support the war. To my knowledge, she didn’t write anything like that in American newspapers but she did vote in favor of the war.

Now Hillary says she does not supports President Bush’s plan of bringing more troops in Iraq because the country’s leaders are not ready either militarily or politically to gain control over Baghdad and other the rest of the country, she said in an NBC television interview. But she does support a phased redeployment out of Baghdad, where the majority of the fighting seems to be happening, and then out of Iraq completely.

Well, she just showed that does not have what it takes to be the president of this country or having its best interests at heart. She’s only interested in votes and it shows. In my blog, “Handling The Hot Potato That’s Iraq,” (published Jan. 12, 2007), I already said what would happen if we pulled our troops out. We would give the insurgents and the terrorists in Iraq the victory that they want, plus giving them a country where they can train and hid their own, plus oil fields where they can make profits to continue to finance their jihad or just to blackmail other countries, depending what would tickle their fancies on that particular day.

If that’s not bad enough, let’s not forget her other controversies that will dog her during the presidential campaign: Universal healthcare, which would have cost taxpayers dearly, Whitewater, enough said, and a whole slew of other juicy events we forgot but her competitors from both sides will mention with glee.

Of course, let’s not forget that not only is she a woman and not just any woman but she’s Hillary Clinton. I’ve spoken with a few Democrats in my private circle who say they do not want Hillary to run. Her politics scare them and feel it will be a huge turn off for the average voter. Others say that this country isn’t ready for a female president. I don’t think that’s a real reason for not voting for someone. Just because she is a woman does not mean that is a good reason to not vote for her. As I mentioned in my last blog, look past someone’s background and only vote for them based off their political stance and their voting record. (See Jan. 18, 2007, Times Observer blog, “Black Community: Obama Has The Wrong Background,” for more.)

It’s going to be a very interested race since Hillary joined in and all I can say is this: Keep your head down and grab a raincoat, because it’s going to be a muddy ride until Election Day!