Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Lawmakers Are The Ones That Need To Be Spanked

Democrat Sally Lieber of San Francisco, a member of the state legislature, is drafting a bill that would make it illegal to spank or use any type of corporal punishment on children 3 years old or younger, reported the AFP on Friday, Jan. 19, 2007.

Once again, this is the government trying to tell us village idiots how to raise our children and it also shows that lawmakers like Lieber don’t have the stomach to take on bigger, more important issues. And let’s face it, just how the heck does she plan on enforcing this if it becomes law? Have the police use surveillance cameras placed in the homes of Californians? And besides, any parent with half a brain knows they cannot use corporal punishment on their child in public anymore, because nuts like Lieber will call child services and the police, after they write down the license plate number.

Sure, no one in their right mind is going to spank their 2-month old child. And even if they do, guess what? I’m willing to bet California has a law against that. I believe it’s called child abuse.

But there is a big difference between spanking a child and actual child abuse. And I hate to break it to many of you, but sometimes kids need to be spanked, sometimes it works and it doesn’t leave them emotionally scarred. And most parents are smart enough to determine how old their child should be hit.

And let’s face it, most of us had our bottoms made red by our parents and we are alive and well. I remember the first time I had to correct my son. He was a year and a half old and he wanted to play with the electrical outlets, even though there were safety covers on them. I still did not want him to touch them, because I figured that while my wife and I were not around, one day he would figure out how to get the safety covers off. My son is smart like that and probably got it from me, since I touched everything myself as a child. My older brother finds it amazing I still have all my fingers.

Well, no matter how many times I told my son no or even yelling at him, he still wanted to go near the outlets. So, as heart breaking as it was for me, I grabbed his little hand and slapped it hard. And I will never forget what happened next. His small, baby face looked up and his deep, dark eyes found mine and he laughed at me.

It was very hard to control myself from laughing, because that would have sent the wrong message to him, so I slapped his hand a little harder and he began to cry. Sure I did not like doing it but I got the result that I wanted: He stopped fooling around a dangerous and deadly household device.

Spanking is hardly ever used on my son now because he is old enough to understand what a punishment is. But how are you going to teach a year and half old child what a punishment is when they’re still trying to grasp the concept of a jack-in-the-box?

But I’m a criminal in the eyes of Lieber. However, she needs to know that some children need to be spanked. A loving parent does not get any joy out of making their child cry but it does get results. And taxpayers do not get any joy when Democrats introduce useless bills that waste everyone’s time.