Friday, April 20, 2007

McCain’s Off-Key Iran Song

It seems that John McCain is giving up his day job as presidential candidate and going into the music biz. During a campaign stop, an audience member asked him what should be done about Iran, in which the Republican senator from Arizona broke into song, parodying the Beach Boys’ song "Barbara Ann," with “Bomb Iran.”

Sure, he only sung a lyric of the no-hit wonder song and it certainly brings back memories of a former Democratic presidential candidate’s scream fest. Did McCain forget that Howard Dean’s poll numbers dropped by like 20 points before his beat-red face had a chance to cool down?

Besides giving the funny folks at JibJab something to do, McCain, and any other presidential candidate, has to watch what they say and do. You simply can’t joke about certain things and while it was clever and I have to admit, I did get a little chuckle over it, I don’t think this will hurt McCain, but it will come back to haunt him.

Plus, he is running a mud-flinging race in the hopes of being this country’s leader. Joking about bombing a country, even Iran with its shady deals, is not going to make many Americans breathe easy, especially with the daily killings by insurgents and terrorists in Iraq in the forefronts of everyone’s mind.

People already think that President Bush is half-crazy about war but doing a Brian Wilson-impersonation of bombing Iran is not going to win McCain any points.

(Editor’s Note: Turns out my prediction was right, McCain’s song will come back to haunt him. plans to run an ad denouncing McCain’s comments and plans on spending $100,000 on a TV commercial that will air in Iowa and New Hampshire, where they hold early contests in the presidential nomination process, according to the AP.)