Monday, April 09, 2007

Iraqis Want U.S. Out

Many Iraqis held a peaceful march, protesting America’s stay in Iraq and chanting how they want the U.S. military out of the country.

What I found interesting is that Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr had his statements read during the rally, saying that since the war, many Iraqi people are dead and wounded. At least he had the good decency to tell his followers to stop killing Iraqis. Because those who have been kidnapped, tortured and killed were victims of insurgents. The same insurgents who claim to have the people’s best interest at heart, while threatening and ending their lives.

Al-Sadr is currently in hiding because of the new Iraq crackdown but it’s nice to know he can enjoy the freedom of speech he is trying to squash.

President Bush doesn’t want our military out of Iraq until the government, voted by the people of the country, can defend itself from the insurgents. A timetable would just give the insurgents time to gather their supplies until they can take over the country once the
coalition has pulled out.

But let’s say the Iraqi government does want the U.S. out? Who would be blamed for the bloodbath that would happen? The Iraqi government and the people who are protesting, because they wanted military forces out of Iraq or the U.S. for doing what was requested of them?

It’s a no-win situation right now in Iraq. And with people marching and protesting America’s occupation, it is not helping matters any, even though American troops are putting their lives on the line when they fight or capture terrorists or insurgents bent on taking away the freedoms that the Iraqi people are now enjoying. After all, back when Saddam was leader, do you think he would allow thousands to protest him? No, he wouldn’t allow that and if insurgents take over Iraq, they won’t allow that freedom either.

If Iraq and its government truly want the U.S. out, then we should probably respect their wishes but in good conscious, can we allow that if it meant the end of the freedoms they voted for and their very lives?