Friday, March 23, 2007

War Bill Will Hurt Troops, Iraq

Today, House Democrats added a little something extra in a bill that is to fund both the Iraq and Afghanistan wars – to bring the troops home before September 2008.

Sure, it’s a bold move and sends a clear message to the President Bush, but certainly not a wise one. The Democrats are not giving the President’s new Iraq plan a chance to work and they are forcing Iraq to meet requirements placed on them and if they cannot meet them, the troops come home.

Yet this war bill has to handle an assault from Congress, where Democrats there do not want a timetable for the return of troops. And whatever victory House Democrats get, the bill still has a fight against the Commander-In-Chief, where it will surely die on the battlefield.

But to understand the mindset of House Democrats, and even some Republicans, and especially presidential hopefuls like Hillary Clinton, here is a quote from a former presidential candidate.

“If you want peace, stop funding this war,” said Rep. Dennis Kucinich, D-Ohio.

This is irresponsible on some many levels. If you stop funding the war, that means the troops will not have the necessary equipment to protect and defend themselves and Iraq. So many complain about the war dead yet they make negligent statements about cutting life-saving supplies to our soldiers.

Sure, everyone wants to bring the troops home but in order to do that, Iraq has to be able to defend itself from the insurgents and they simply cannot do that on their own. And besides tying up the hands of our field commanders, it will give the insurgents and the terrorists the victory they want.

If you publicly announce a timetable for Iraq, these monsters who are currently killing their own people will stop what they are doing, build up their supplies and weapons and have a big firework display the day after are troops have left Iraq. And let’s not forget that oil will go to them and Iran. And once that happens, we’ll eventually have to go back into Iraq and that will not be a cakewalk.

And why can’t the majority of the Democrats and the minority of the Republicans see that? Especially presidential candidates like Hillary Clinton, who hope to protect our country? Well, everyone has their own agenda and no one really seems to care about our troops or our mission in Iraq.

House Democrat Rep. Chris Van Hollen was quoted as saying: “Today, we are demanding accountability.” But when tomorrow comes and Iraq falls to the insurgents, it will be too late to demand accountability from today’s short-sighted politicians.