Friday, March 23, 2007

France Releases UFO Case Files

Here’s something that should get a lot of respected press but won’t. Anytime a UFO is reported, the local media makes it into a we’re-not-going-to-take-this-seriously-but-have-fun-with-it story. Well, yesterday France made that a little tough to do, as it unveiled a Web site that contains more than 1,600 alleged UFO sightings going back 50 years.

Sure, not all UFO sightings are otherworldly but there is a good percentage that is and should not be ignored. Sadly, they often are. It can truly baffle an open-minded person that some exceptional sightings are ignored, except in France.

“But many others (UFOs) involving multiple sightings -- in at least one case involving thousands of people across France -- and evidence such as burn marks and radar trackings showing flight patterns or accelerations that defy the laws of physics are taken very seriously,”
reports Marlowe Hood of the AFP. And these types of sightings are reported around the world, not just in France.

That right there should make even the strongest nonbeliever to take notice but sadly it doesn’t. And while many skeptics and non-caring journalists label all UFO witnesses as Farmer Jones who took one too many swings of moonshine, there are a good number of witnesses who are doctors, military/Air Force personnel, pilots and the lists of creditable observers goes on and on. It’s hard to label these people as crackpots.

What’s also a first is that this Web site allows anyone to view all of France’s UFO reports, unlike in America, “where information can be requested on a case-by-case basis under the Freedom of Information Act,” reports the article.

It’s time that the world’s governments release any information they have collected about UFOs and make it easily available to anyone and it’s high time that the media take a more serious look at a phenomena that confounds professionals in diverse fields.

The Web site can be found at: However, at the time of this posting, the Web site cannot be accessed.