Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Teacher Gets “F” Over
Staged Gunman Incident

I’m sure many have heard already of the bright school officials over at Scales Elementary School, in Brentwood, Tenn.

Last week, on the last night of a week-long camping trip, a teacher and assistant principal told 69 sixth graders that a gunman was running around the grounds. They told the students to hide under tables or lie on the floor. (I’m going to assume they were in a cabin, none of the articles I read mentions this.)

And that’s where the real fun began, as a teacher dons a hooded sweat shirt and started pulling on locked doors, according to The Associated Press article.

Well, after 5 minutes of students crying, pleading for their lives and probably wetting themselves, the responsible educational peers told them that there wasn’t a real gunman running around and it was a test on how to handle a real-life situation like that.

And from the sound of things, it sounds like the parents are going to see how the school district is going to handle a real-life lawsuit.

The teacher and the assistant principal have been “suspended for unprofessional conduct and neglect of duty because of the staged attack,” according to The Associated Press. (A lot of stories labeled this little show-in-tell as an “attack,” even though there wasn’t a staged one from what can be gathered.)

Now, let’s see what could have happened here: Best-case scenario is that one of these kids messed themselves in their pants and forever be known as “Stinky.”

The worst-case scenario could have resulted of one of these kids having a seizure or a heart attack. (It has been known to happen.)

Or, with the age of cell phones, one of them could have quietly, unknown to the teachers, called 911, where the police would show up and shoot at the intelligent-challenged, hooded sweat shirt wearing teacher. (Apparently, you’re not allowed to call someone “stupid” anymore.)

If the school officials really wanted to do some type of gunman-prevention training seminar, they should have gotten the parents’ permission first and tell the kids before hand what was going to happen.

At least the school district came to their senses and cancelled the “When A Teacher Makes Indecent Sexual Proposals” trip.