Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Too Soon To Care About Debates

Already there have been the Democratic and Republican presidential debates and political analysts are so excited over this, they’re wetting themselves.

But why waste all your energies into the pre-show? The primaries are less than a year away and once they’re over, the big show really kicks off. Besides, who wants to listen to Hillary Clinton backstab Barack Obama during a debate but then tell all of us how great he is and why we should support him if he wins the Democratic primary?

Besides, why bother with a warm-up when most of us already know that once the real race starts, both candidates will just tell us how bad the other one is? Believe me, if they’re not telling us their actual plans and stances on the issues now, they’re not going to do it a month before Election Day in 2008.

It’s best just to take it easy and keep an eye on them every once in awhile and read whatever major headline says about them. Right before the primaries come, then it would be best to do a crash course on the less-than popular candidates by using their Web sites and finding out their voting record. It won’t take that long and you’ll spare yourself the agony of listening to some of these blowhards anyway.

Just remember that some of these political analysts thought Howard Dean was a shoe in but we all know that didn’t happen. After all, political analysts are like the average weatherman or weathergirl: With all of their knowledge and experience they still can’t get the 10-day forecast right because politics and the weather are ever changing.