Thursday, July 26, 2007

DailyKos Hurts Dems’ By Running Soldier-Hating Column

It’s interesting that the DailyKos, a Democratic blog, wants to see its favorite party win the presidential elections and yet it hurts the party’s chances by allowing a hate-filled column about American troops on its Web site.

A. Whitney Brown, a writer and humorist, called our brave troops in Iraq “morally retarded” for killing the insurgents and terrorists. And no, it wasn’t some sick joke, he actually meant it. And why the DailyKos decided to kill the Democrats chances by publishing this column, no one knows.

Not only doesn’t Brown like our troops, but he called them insane for deciding to join the military and be allowed to be ordered to kill.

Interesting that nowhere in Brown’s column does he mention the insurgents or terrorists in Iraq who joined up for a nice little jihad to kill not only our troops but also innocent men, women and children.

And the former Saturday Night Live commentator doesn’t seem to realize that with every captured or dead al-Qaeda member means there is less chance that person will come to America and try to kill hundreds of people with a dirty bomb. Nor does he seem to care.

It’s pretty disgusting to have people like Brown calling brave soldiers insane retards for doing what needs to be done: Kill the enemy before they get a chance to kill innocent lives.

As George C. Scott said in his role in “Patton”: “Now I want you to remember that no bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making the other poor dumb bastard die for his country.” Maybe a trip to Blockbuster is in order to refresh Brown’s memory of the purpose of an army.

But what’s really striking is that the DailyKos allowed this repugnant piece of trash to be published on its blog, while next week it invited presidential candidates to speak at the YearlyKos, a convention held in Chicago.

The Democrats are having a hard time right now, dancing to the tune of “We support our troops but it’s time to pullout.” But Hillary Clinton is going to be a speaker at this forum. She not only voted for the war in Iraq but now she wants to start pulling the troops out. Does she really want to associate herself with a group that supports the obnoxious statements that Brown wrote?

Listen, it is one thing to have a blog like the DailyKos, where posters write in and say all sorts of stuff against President Bush. That’s to be expected and to be fair, there are conservative blogs that do the same thing against Democratic leaders.

But to actually post a column that severely bashes our troops who are dying in Iraq? These are the same young men and women who are trying to lessen the terror threat by killing or capturing as many blood-thirsty terrorists as possible, as well as foiling deadly plots. To call them mentally unstable is way over the top and it should leave a bad taste in anyone’s mouth.

The DailyKos claims that its purpose is to have a Democrat win the White House in 2008. And there is nothing wrong with that. But maybe they should listen to some of the political advisors that will be attending the YearlyKos.

Because publishing a rant, hate-filled column is going to brutally hurt the chances of any Democrat who wants to win the White House.