Saturday, September 08, 2007

G.I. Joe Is A POW To PC

He has faced the Nazis, Japanese and terrorist organization COBRA and won every time. But apparently only politically correct Hollywood has done something that none of his enemies were able to do: Kill G.I. Joe.

According to rumors, the new G.I. Joe movie is taking the “American” out of a “Real American Hero.” Paramount has said that in the movie, “G.I. Joe” will not stand for (U.S.) “government-issued,” but will now become an acronym for “Global Integrated Joint Operating Entity.”

It has been said that an American soldier hero movie might not do well overseas. It almost makes me want to toss my old G.I. Joe toys in the BBQ grill and set them on fire.

But if G.I. Joe can be a target for the evils of political correctness, what other heroes are next? I guess Superman would be the next on the hit list. After all, standing for the “American Way,” can now become as deadly for the Man of Steel as Kryptonite.

But G.I. Joe gave something that Superman couldn’t give to young boys: That with hard work and the love of your country, you too can be a great American hero. Sure, Superman is great but no amount of hard work is going to make a kid fly through the air.

G.I. Joe is a believable hero that anyone can be. And once more, his enemies were also believable. His enemies belonged to tyranny, dictatorships and terrorist organizations: Real threats that America has faced in some form during its long history.

And like real American soldiers, G.I. Joe has faced many enemies in different countries, freeing many from oppression at the hands of bloody rulers. But I guess that is something Hollywood doesn’t want to remind moviegoers, and thus stripping G.I. Joe into a United Nations military force, which is a sad thing to be.

I’m not sure what type of lessons this pale imitation of G.I. Joe is going to teach our children, but it already taught them one valuable lesson: Don’t allow Hollywood to discharge our heroes!