Monday, September 17, 2007

Israel’s Silence And Syria’s Quiet Rage

Hard to give an opinion when the facts aren’t fully reported as of yet or ever.

Apparently, Israel has made a nice little hole in Syria. According to the Times of London, Israel allegedly launched an air strike that destroyed weapons for the terrorist group Hezbollah or destroyed a cache of nuclear materials shipped from North Korea.

At the moment, Israel isn’t saying anything and all Syria is saying is that its “looking into a series of responses” to the attack, according to The Times of London.

There are many questions and speculations as to why Syria would have nuclear materials for weapons, assuming that’s what the destroyed items were.

Either weapons for Hezbollah or nuclear ones for either Syria or Iran, as it has been speculated, it can’t be denied that Israel made a wise move.

None of these countries or terrorist group should have any form of weapons, especially if it’s the nuclear kind.

While diplomacy has wonderful merits, it does have its limitations. In a world where weapons are being shipped to bring death to innocent lives, decisive action has merits of its own.