Friday, October 26, 2007

Justice For Teen In
Consensual Oral Sex Case

Georgia’s Supreme Court today ruled that Genarlow Wilson, who was sentenced for 10 years in prison for receiving oral sex when he was 17 from a willing 15-year-old girl, should be released, saying that his punishment was “cruel and unusual”.

Hopefully, Wilson should be home some time today, his lawyer, B.J. Bernstein, told CNN.

Wilson has already spent more than two years in prison for having consensual oral sex with a teenage girl at a New Year’s Eve party in 2003.

As was mentioned before, Wilson should not have been placed in prison for doing something that normal teenagers do. And as said before, District Attorney David McDade and Attorney General Thurbert Baker could have prevented this travesty by not charging Wilson with felony aggravated child molestation, which is a 10-year mandatory sentence.

But it’s a shame that other district attorneys and attorney generals don’t have the same zing as McDade and Baker. While Wilson was sentenced for 10 years in jail for receiving “oral entertainment” from a willing 15-year-old girl, we have a 46-year-old New York man, Edward Miller, who may get one to four years for raping a teenage girl 68 times over a period of two years.

We have enough to fear with animals like Edward Miller running around but what we don’t need are district attorneys and attorney generals who don’t know that they can exercise their right to not press charges when it comes to consensual sexual relations between two teenagers.

Hopefully, Wilson’s ordeal will be over soon and will be home with his family by the end of today. But the overzealous actions of Baker and McDade have already shattered this young boy’s life, who had a promising football career ahead of him.

Whatever justified bitterness and resentment that Wilson has over this affair, hopefully he won’t let that poison him and he can start making plans for a bright future.