Thursday, June 28, 2007

Does Race Play In Wilson Case?

Some people have said that Genarlow Wilson’s nightmare is a racial case. Wilson is a black man, who in 2003, at age 17, had consensual oral sex by a black 15-year-old girl.

And then we have Douglas County District Attorney David McDade, a white man, who tried Wilson that resulted in a 10-year prison sentence.

Well, one can certainly see how race may have motivated the case and at first, I thought so too. But then there is Attorney General Thurbert Baker, a black man, who is appealing Judge Thomas H. Wilson’s ruling that would set Wilson free.

The law that was used against Wilson gave a 10-year mandatory sentence for statutory rape. After Wilson’s trial, the law was changed to become a misdemeanor aggravated child molestation, with a 12-month term. This would have freed Wilson, because Judge Wilson, no relation, gave the young man credit for time served.

However, Baker said that according to Georgia law, a judge cannot reduce or changed a sentence imposed by the trial court. He’s also concerned that Judge Wilson’s ruling would allow real sex offenders the chance to be released.

Hmm, let’s see: One guy at 17 had consensual oral sex with a willing 15-year-old girl and then there’s another guy whose 17 who brutally raped an unwilling 15-year-old girl. Gee, who do you think should be released?

But since common sense hasn’t played a big part in the Wilson’s case from the very beginning, I can see Baker’s side.

And it’s pretty embarrassing to appeal Judge Wilson’s ruling, considering that this is now a high-profile case. Does Baker even realize what happen when Mike Nifong, the disbarred prosecutor of the infamous Duke lacrosse “rape” case, did when he decided to practice injustice? Because this is what the Wilson case is and what Baker is doing: injustice.

The grounds are not strong enough to disbar Baker but come election time, the voters may disbar Baker themselves.

And let’s not forget that it was Baker that Wilson is in jail in the first place. He could have easily dropped the charges long before Wilson would stand on trial but he didn’t.

I don’t see how someone can now make this into a racial case when Baker, a black man, is appealing. And here’s an offer that Baker must have approved for Wilson: serve up to five years in prison and your name will be removed from the sex offender registry. That’s still an insult.

Hey Baker, here’s a better offer: Work your tail off to set Wilson free so he doesn’t have to spend another night in prison! Until that happens, Baker’s offers are a slap in the face.

No, I don’t see how this is a racial issue but it is an issue of the same dangerous kind: Stupidity.