Thursday, June 28, 2007

Immigration Bill Denied Boarder Access

The Senate voted down the highly controversial immigration reform bill that would have legalized nearly 12 million illegal aliens.

Notice the “illegal aliens” part. That’s what they are because they broke the law when entering this country illegally. The term “guest worker” means they were invited but that is not true. They’re more like gatecrashers.

The whole illegal immigration issue is where I strongly disagree with President Bush. Granted, he gets points for wanting more funding to secure our boarders and have agents protecting it.

However, legalizing nearly 12 million illegal aliens is where I draw the line with the president. I don’t care what country a person is from, if he or she enters this one illegally, then that person should be shown the door. And let’s go into the problems that some of these people cause.

Many illegal aliens damage private residents’, business’, and government properly, are involved with smuggling operations and create even more crime, according to a report to the House of Representatives Committee on Appropriations.

Another problem caused by illegal aliens is the free services that are being offered. Granted, it would be inhuman not to provide healthcare to those in need but where is that money coming from? Taxpayers, which is unfair. That means that some law bidding family who are barely scraping by as it is has their tax dollars go to free healthcare for someone who sneaked into this country.

Illegal aliens should be made to pay for healthcare, even if it means that the government will take out very little from their paychecks until the debt is paid.

Now I can’t imagine the hardship it is trying to leave your native country in the hopes of finding a better life in America. Although, I have seen it first hand.

My wife is from Japan and I have seen her work hard to gain access and stay in this country legally. I have helped her with paperwork and accompanying her to the immigration office, where on any given day hundreds from all nationalities wait in line to stay or work in this country.

The whole illegal alien problem could have been easily dealt with a couple months ago. Law enforcement officials had a grand opportunity to take care of it when illegal aliens were holding marches and rallies across the nation. The police should have had a mass crackdown and arrested and deported them. Why that didn’t happen, I don’t know but the usual suspect was probably politics.

Yes, I know many actually risk their lives coming to this country but there must be a better way of dealing with it. I also realize that the majority of illegal immigrants are from Mexico. I believe that an improved program with the country could better serve the two nations, since the current system is not working well if people are risking their lives to cross the boarder.

But giving a form of amnesty to all types of illegal aliens would not only be a slap in the face to hard-working, honest people like my wife but to our own forefathers as well.