Wednesday, June 20, 2007

CNN Poll: Majority Of People
Ready For Independent President

This is interesting. On CNN’s Web site, there is a quick poll with the question: “Would you vote for an independent candidate for president?”

So far, at the time of this posting, 5,134 people have voted “yes” while 1,213 voted “no.” Yes, I’m sure this quick poll isn’t as scientific as what the Gallup poll people do but personally, seeing actual numbers than percentages always impressed me more.

I’m sure the peons of each presidential candidate are looking at this poll as well but won’t take the fruitless task of informing their boss. After all, no one from either party is going to rock the political boat and change their ways.

This poll shows that people are really tired of the two-party system. Each year, especially during election time, the number of wary voters grows even more. I’m sure candidates must realize this but they haven’t done anything to create a change.

Each party has its own agenda and political alliances. Maybe that’s why Ross Perot’s poll numbers beat that of George Bush and Bill Clinton in the June of 1992. Perot, unlike most politicians, actually stated his policies and his stances on the issues, instead of side-stepping or mudslinging like the politicians we are doomed to endure.

But who knows? The presidential elections are still a long ways off and there are new rumors of possible candidates emerging. (Again, watching the presidential candidates’ debates is premature, especially with rumors that New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg may run as an independent since breaking up with the Republican Party.)

What this country actually needs is some fresh ideas but the question is not who will go against the established political protocol of empty promises and skirting the issues, but will we, the American people, be willing to elect such a person?