Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Tears May Help Hillary Win

Guess who will probably win Super Tuesday? That’s right, Democratic Presidential Candidate Sen. Hillary Clinton! Is it because of her dynamic presence, her political plans for this country’s future or how she can connect with the people? No, none of these respectful qualities. She’ll probably win because her eyes got watery yesterday in New Haven, Conn., during a speech.

Many will remember that people, including myself, said that her Democratic rival for the White House, Sen. Barack Obama, won Iowa because he was the Man of the People. He could connect to them in a way that she could not. More than one person said this and it would seem that Camp Hillary figured this critical piece of information out too.

Because the day before the New Hampshire primary, with many polls saying she would lose to Obama, Hillary choked back some tears when a woman asked her how she kept going during a tough campaign. Of course, we all heard from the New York Senator’s lips how hard it has been for her.

But hey, the trick worked and she won New Hampshire. She had to show people that she had a soft side to her and that she wasn’t some emotionless robot that many people have accused her of being over the years.

And apparently, the new motto at Camp Hillary is: If it worked once, it can work again. So, she became “teary” again yesterday. The senator was at a campaign event at the Yale Child Study Center when she had her “moment.” And it’s interesting to note that Obama was leading in the polls yesterday.

Many people, and surprisingly a good number of Democrats and women, cried foul when Hillary cried a little the day before the New Hampshire primary, saying it was just a political ploy to gain some votes. Others said the tears were genuine and it showed just how human Hillary really is.

Now, I’m of two minds about this. Personally, I think Hillary faked both incidents to help her win. At least she had the good sense not to give the same performance as last time and it shows. Less is more. This time around she only got teary. Last time the overacting went on for a little longer. And that just leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

We all know that politicians use any dirty or cheap trick in the book to gain votes but this was just over the top. Especially now that she’s done it a second time. Surely a reasonable person can see a pattern here. First time she won one state, New Hampshire, and this time around she may win multiple states.

Now, let’s say that these watery-eye moments are not a dirty trick to win over sensitive voters. For argument’s sake, let’s say it was genuine. Then I personally don’t want Hillary Clinton as president. If she can’t handle the stress of being on the campaign trail and duke it out with her political rivals, then she won’t be able to deal with the colossal pressure that the White House has to offer. Because once in office, Hillary Clinton will literally have the weight of the world on her shoulders.

Just take a look at any president when he has started his term in office and see how much he has aged when he leaves. Presidents age badly in a short amount of time because of the stress that’s associated with running the most powerful country on the planet. And Hillary will have an even tougher job than her husband, because we have the War on Terror going on and the Iraq war to be concerned with.

And before anyone accuses me of being a sexist pig, I would say the same thing if Barack Obama or John McCain started complaining how tough it was on the campaign trail and their eyes were getting moist. As a citizen of this country, I want a strong leader who can handle the stress and not break down when things get tough.

I want someone who will not use a cheap trick to his or her advantage and I certainly don’t want someone who will crumble from the crushing pressure that the Commander-In-Chief has to deal with in order to keep Americans safe.