Monday, March 03, 2008

A Recap Before Tomorrow’s Primaries

It’s interesting to see how Senators Clinton and Obama are handling themselves today, as they are gearing up for tomorrow’s primary.

Granted, many potential voters have expressed their disgust over the mud flinging that the two have caused. It’s a shame that those two can’t put more effort of telling the people what they plan to actually do for America instead of coming up with creative ways of bashing each other over the heads like two monkeys fighting over a banana.

And all eyes are on these two Democratic giants, who have been in a dead heat. They have captured the limelight so well that it has cast a long, dark shadow over the lesser-known Democratic candidate, Mike Gravel.

However, the Republicans have their own candidate, who has a strong grassroots support, and that’s Ron Paul. While he’s low in the polls, he has snagged quite a few voters who are disgusted with the shenanigans of the current political figures. Sadly, he’s one of the few candidates who actually tells the American public what his plans are instead of wasting his time and pointing his finger at somebody else on national television.

Another Republican who knows that his chances are far better than Paul’s is Mike Huckabee, but he too can’t seem to escape John McCain’s juggernaut status as GOP front-runner. And since McCain is far closer to getting his party’s nomination than Huckabee, one must question how practical it is for the former Arkansas governor to continue running.

And speaking about not being practical, the only independent who has caused Obama and Clinton to quake in their shoes is none other than Ralph Nader. In fact, he seems to be the only “issue” the two seem to agree on. Sure, Nader’s chances of winning the Democratic nomination is about as likely as Rush Limbaugh’s but if he continues his run after the Democratic Convention, he will be stealing precious votes.

So, keep your eyes glued to the news tonight and see how these candidates act before tomorrow’s primary. Maybe we’ll see Hillary Clinton choking back a few tears just to show how human she is or maybe we’ll see Huckabee pull a rabbit out of his hat. But with the drama of politics, sometimes it’s impossible to predict what is going to happen but it sure is fun to watch.