Monday, July 28, 2008

Breaking Their Sons’ Hearts

There are many monsters in this world, but one of the cruelest are parents who disregard their children for profit.

That is what happened when Brits John and Anne Darwin faked John’s “death” in a staged canoeing accident in 2002 in order to collect his insurance and pension in order to clear some debts, according to the Associated Press.

While their two sons mourned for the loss of their father, their mother did such a wonderful performance of a grieving widow that her sons were completely fooled by her.

But sorrow turned to joyous celebration when their father “showed up” in 2007 with amnesia, but unlike the typical soap opera drama, it turns out that John Darwin’s memory problem was as fake as his “death”. It discovered that he had been secretly been living with his wife and the two were planning a trip to Latin America to start a new life.

Who knows how these two deplorable parents were going to break the news to their children if their Latin American plan succeeded.

While John and Anne Darwin are going to be serving jail time, they will be losing much more than six years of their lives in prison. They lost the love of their own flesh and blood.

“They have tarnished all the good times that came before. I can't ever forgive them for putting us through the torture of mourning,” said son Andrew Darwin. “They were in it together and they deserve the sentences handed down by the judge.”

We do not get a lot of time in this world. People commit crimes for various reasons but when a man fakes his own death and cause such heartache and anguish to his own children just to clear off debt that he could have honestly worked off shows how selfish some people are.

John Darwin spent five years hiding in a small room in an apartment, most likely hearing praiseworthy words from his own grown sons while they visited their “grief-stricken” mother.

Now he and his wife will most likely never hear anything from their own sons for the rest of their lives. After all, how can one forgive a heartless parent like that?

What makes it even more tragic for Mark and Anthony Darwin is that this time they lost both of their parents by choice: By disowning them.