Wednesday, July 16, 2008

McCain’s Illegal Immigration
Legislation May Hurt
White House Bid

Presumed Republican presidential candidate John McCain is taking some hits recently for legislation that would basically give 12 million illegal immigrants in the U.S. amnesty.

The controversial piece of legislation stalled last year and in addition to giving people who broke the law citizenship, it proposes to also tighten the very loose Mexican border and a guest-worker program.

McCain, who cosponsored this legislation with Sen. Ted Kennedy, has been heavily criticized by many and rightly so.

He is giving a free pass to people who broke international laws to come to this country. On top of it, many of these illegal aliens have robbed and murdered our own citizens. Why in the world would McCain want to give what amounts to amnesty to these types of criminals?

Furthermore, this will set a precedence to criminals who break laws. If we don’t punish illegal immigrants for their crimes, then what type of criminal won’t we punish next? Drug dealers who only push marijuana? Kidnappers who only hold their victims less than 24 hours? Murderers who only kill one person?

These examples may seem ridiculous, but let’s remember that 10 years ago many people and politicians would have laughed at the idea of giving illegal immigrants a reprieve for breaking the law.

And while the majority of illegal immigrants are Hispanic, there are many from different countries. While the U.S. is facing a global war on terror, one would think that McCain would be pushing for tougher legislation to combat these lawbreakers instead of giving them a free ride and hope that they’re not here to blow up some buildings.

Every day across this nation, thousands of people from different countries and cultures are working hard to actually become citizens of this great country of ours or to stay here legally. It would be a huge slap in the face to them and our forefathers who have worked so hard just to be here and carve a new life out for themselves.

McCain’s legislation is the tip of a very slippery slope for the American judicial system. It should make voters give a minute to pause and consider what type of man who wants to be president of the United States and to uphold her laws, but also wants to allow illegal aliens the right to break them.